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Chatmoss Country Club hosts many tournaments each year including the Chatmoss Invitational Tournament. Prestige is not something that a tournament committee can buy, but something that is cultivated and cured over many years. The real cream events are easy to recognize. They are the ones that outstanding players will plan for year after year. Our list of champions is a great mixture of amateur and tour players.

In 1961, Dale Morey, winner of the North and South Championship (1964) and the Southern Amateur in the same year, won our first invitational. Deane Beman, former PGA Tour commissioner and U.S. Amateur champion (1960 & 1963), was our next champion in 1962. Bill Sibbick won in 1979 and shortly afterwards won the VSGA State Open in 1982. Keith Decker, winner of the VSGA Mid-Amateur (1990, 1991, 1995, 2000, 2003, 2004 & 2005) and the VSGA Open (1996, 2001 & 2002) has won our tournaments 20 different times. Tom McKnight, also a winner of the Mid Amateur (1985 & 1996) and the VSGA State Open (1985), was our champion in 1992. Four tour players have won our invitational including Wright Garrett (1978), Joe Daley (1990), A Walter Hall (1993), and Mike Goodes in 1996.

Past champions make the Chatmoss Invitational one of the premier tournaments in the Southeast.
Chatmoss Invitational Champions:

1961 Dale Morey 1962 Deane Beman 1963 Pat Foy Brady 1964 Dale Morey 1965 Bill Harvey
1966 Bill Harvey; 1967 Deane Beman; 1968 E. C. Bryant; 1969 William Belcher;1970 Dale Morey

1971 Lloyd Higgins; 1972 Bill Harvey; 1973 Bill Harvey; 1974 Tom Case Jr. 1975 Emory Wilson
1976 Eric Smith; 1977 Emory Wilson;1978 Wright Garrett; 1979 Bill Sibbick; 1980 Harry Lea

1981 Keith Decker; 1982 Keith Decker; 1983 Keith Decker; 1984 Walter Hall; 1985 Barry Pilson
1986 Keith Decker; 1987 Harry Lea; 1988 Chris Dalrymple; 1989 Harry Lea; 1990 Joe Daley

1991 Keith Decker; 1992 Tom McKnight; 1993 Walter Hall; 1994; Keith Decker;1995 Keith Decker 1996 Mike Goodes;1997 Keith Decker;1998 Keith Decker;1999 Keith Decker; 2000 Keith Decker

2001 Keith Decker; 2002 Keith Decker; 2003 Dave Davis; 2004 Keith Decker; 2005 Keith Decker
2006 Hunter Russell;2007 Pat Tallent; 2008 Keith Decker;2009 Roger Newsom;2010 Keith Decker

2011 Keith Decker, 2012 Jon Hurst; 2013 Keith Decker; 2014 Mikey Moyers; 2015 Buck Brittain
2016 Keith Decker 2017 Adam Horton

Senior Division Champions:
2012 Tim Kelley, 2013 Dave Davis; 2014 Jack Allara; 2015 Rich Buckner; 2016 John Steele
2017 Phil Mahone